America First Platform.

Pro Life, States right.

12-year maximum term in office.

Save the Children.

The educational indoctrination, CPS, Trafficking and CV19 Bioweapon Vaxxx for public schools’ schedule of shots. Parents should have full autonomy over their children for medical freedoms. These are the four battle lines where we have to step up as adults and go after those who terrorize Americas most valuable resource, our children.

Restore our 1A and 2A as written in the Constitution.

Develop Hemp Industries for Food, Fuel, Textiles and Medicine.

I want to know that you are going on YouTube and researching Hemp for Food, Fuel, Textiles and Medicine.¬† There is a “Real Green New Deal” that includes Growing Hemp Coast to Coast. This is a Trillion Dollar Worldwide Market. Millions of potential jobs in Agriculture, Manufacturing, Retail, Wholesale, Distribution and Exports. Hemp is now being tested to make batteries which has a very promising future. Providing strong long-lasting batteries that won’t leave a carbon footprint that mining for lithium made batteries does destroying the Earth. At 1000 times cheaper to manufacture and considering hemp bioplastic made car panels which are many factors lighter and stronger than steel. Henry Ford proved this with his Model T car made with Hemp bioplastic and running on biofuel. This means even if Hemp batteries aren’t as dense as lithium, it wouldn’t have to be to perhaps have the same results. Plus look at all the other applications for batteries.

Are Hemp Batteries Better Than Lithium-Ion? – NeuroLogica Blog (

Prosecute white collar crimes.

We have Enemy’s Domestic residing in our Three Letter Agencies, Congress and in many State House Offices who have conspired to destroy America from within. They won’t get a free pass if we Elect enough Patriots to Congress so we can begin Restoring Our Constitutional Republic.

Middlesex County Candidates Forum 2022.

Watch Foster destroy Jones a Full Bird Colonel. Because I made the right choice to attend, President Dawn Moore of the NAACP Middlesex Branch has her dream of 10-years now a Reality. You see, Wittman has never attended her Candidates Forum. He never even replied to her invitations. How can you be a Representative in any District across America and Select which communities you will or will not support. Wittman has proven himself to be a Rino based on his voting record. The Fishermen I have spoken to while collecting petition signatures and who attended the two-day Guinea Jubilee Honoring the Fishermen all told me Wittman has never supported their industry. Wittman does support Medical Tyranny, Boys in Girls restrooms and funding mental health issues for children transitioning with hormone blockers, to genital reassignment surgeries.

Middlesex County Candidates Forum 2022 – YouTube

Mathews County VA NAACP CD1 Candidates’ Forum 2022 Foster vs. Jones. – YouTube

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Here is the Truth regarding there never was a CV19 as it has never been isolated. Fear Mongering the World to usher in the New World Order, NWO. Using a PCR Test never designed to detect viruses and gives a 97% False Positive. Running out ASAP to get a Bioweapon Vaxxx Gene Therapy mRNA not a Vaccine to prevent or lesson the effects of the flu. Over 3 million Americans and over 6.5 million worldwide have died from this Bioweapon Vaxxx. The #1 cause of death around the world now is “Sudden Death” or SADS Sudden Adult Death Syndrome.

Here are links from the Stew Peters Show with Karen Kingston a former Pfizer employee and Dr. Christiane Northrup.

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