Dear Patriots,

We are living in the great awakening, God vs. Satan. You will have to decide if you are going to fight for your freedoms or sit back and do nothing and lose everything what our founding fathers gave all to defeat a Tyrannical King. This summer we celebrated our 235th year of our U.S. Constitution, the world’s longest serving Constitution. Take your rights to the ballot box and vote your heart and soul for the only America First Patriot on the ballot.

Watch these videos of Les Brown and rejoice that you can command your future. Belief is the Enemy of Knowing and Ego is the protector of Belief. We live in a majestically created Realm where your thoughts Create your Actions and your Actions Create your Reality. Have no Fear “false evidence appearing real”.

To break through this Matrix of being controlled in every aspect of our lives is to know your votes are more powerful than any weapon. The right to vote is truly Sacred. When enough is enough it’s time We the People realize what is on the line for the future of the children. Rise up and cast aside your preconditioned beliefs that voting the same way time and time again will somehow bring change is the definition of insanity. You have to break the mold that has been producing defective results. Virginia’s CD1 and America’s First Congressional District has a rare historical occasion to take back our corrupt government and start a new process to Elect true Patriots who have all the right motivations to give all like our founding fathers to Restore Our Constitutional Republic and Return Honor, Integrity and Respect back to the Sacred Hallowed Halls of Congress for We the People. PEACE…

HAVE NO FEAR – Les Brown Motivational Speech – YouTube



Plandemic Documentary Part Two – Indoctornation (rumble.com)